We’re seeking recognition and achievement of appropriate funding towards the support of resolution, community engagement and empowerment, irrespective of background and culture.

We stand for empowering communities worldwide

COVID-19 Positivity Project: conducted by DVA’s Youth Leader Hunna Ihsan that expresses the gratitude to key workers who brought hope during this pandemic represented by the “circle of hope.” This activity was undertaken with schoolchildren to support their wellbeing during these unprecedented circumstances. The children that participated were voluntary taught virtually to support learning during the lockdown period. The activity comprised of expressing their thoughts in a drawing of “Who are you grateful for during lockdown?” The collage of drawings includes all our key workers that have been giving their invaluable support to keep our services running and the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. On behalf of DVA well done to all those that participated.

Through DVA’s global network of supporters, we are honoured to participate with the Thai Children’s Trust founded in 1972 by the late Fr Ray Brennan, providing support to vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Thailand, many of whom severely disabled.

The Trust also supports many initiatives such as the Teachers Preparation Centre (TPC), a training school for mobile teachers in Mae Sot. The TPC helps to train individuals working in the eastern states of Burma and Myanmar, who try to improve educational standards in regions ravaged by years of internal conflict.

The DVA provides educational and empowerment projects with an aim to facilitate young people from diverse backgrounds and religious faiths in working together in partnerships and developing community cohesion.