About Us

We’re seeking recognition and achievement of appropriate funding towards the support of resolution, community engagement and empowerment, irrespective of background and culture.

We stand for empowering communities worldwide


Finding the most appropriate and successful outcomes for the victims of terrorism and conflict resolution for all.


A world without conflict and terrorism.

Continuing to be a servant leader organisation delivering its core commitments to the wider community.


Providing non-judgmental social, informational, and practical support to all
Promoting inclusion, safety, justice, respite and healing
Ensuring a strong voice for victims and survivors through the implementation of victim-lead support
Encouraging access for victims and survivors to engage with multidisciplinary and complimentary services that meet their specific needs both in the short and long term
Advocate for solid Conflict Resolution commitment within the wider community for social, institutional, and legal change

We have attracted supporters from all backgrounds, cultures and religious faiths to concentrate on greater support and assistance for those affected by conflict and in particular a consequence of terrorism

Wayne Gruba

We are working to resolve conflicts with our extensive multi-cultural diversity and unique membership from supporters from different religions and creeds, united in the condemnation of all acts of terrorism. This enabled us to have establish a strong and extensive global networking, and successfully convey our message of reconciliation.

We organise local community meetings to listen, learn and find effective ways to empower both the victims and the supporters . A specialist interest of our group is focussing on alternative methods and ways of addressing the symptoms and alleviating some of the conditions of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD].

We have contributed tirelessly towards the Northern Ireland peace process. Our support includes access to UK and international media, government officials, social scientists and researchers, present and former heads of state, all of whom are more than willing to volunteer their assistance in many ways.